Wimbledon Draw

The Wimbledon Ticket Club Draw is open to all fully paid-up WTC members, including Social and Junior members, who also have an LTA British Tennis Membership (BTM) number AND who have 'opted in' to take part in the Wimbledon Draw process via the LTA website. The number of tickets a club receives depends on the number of British Tennis Members who are members of that club and who had 'opted in' by midnight on 22 February 2019.

The LTA  operate an on-line administration system for allocating and distributing Wimbledon tickets.  A club's spread of tickets across the Wimbledon fortnight is solely determined by the LTA's computer system. Clubs can allocate their tickets to their eligible members in which ever way they decide - rota, draw etc. Members who draw tickets will pay the LTA directly via their on-line system and will receive their tickets direct from them. The tickets are sold in pairs.

If you haven’t got a BTM number, go on to the LTA website and sign up, putting Whitchurch as your ‘Place To Play’ (check for the Cardiff postcode as there is more than one Whitchurch). British Tennis Membership is free to all members of LTA-affiliated tennis clubs. You will also have to 'opt in' to be eligible to take part in the Club Draw.

On the night of the draw at WTC, the names of all eligible participating members are recorded before the draw starts and a raffle ticket is issued for each name. The raffle tickets go into ‘the hat’ and get drawn out in turn. The first person out of the hat gets first pick of the pairs of tickets, and so on. You will have to decide on the night to accept any tickets which will then by assigned to you on the LTA system. You must then pay on-line within a specified period eg. 14 days, otherwise the tickets can get re-allocated.

Only opted-in members can participate and you will need to bring  your BTM membership number with you. If you cannot come to the draw, you can send someone on your behalf as your proxy. Your proxy must be able to quote your BTM number and choose which tickets you want on the night.