LTA Membership

All WTC members, including Social and Junior members, are strongly encouraged to sign up on the Lawn Tennis Association's website for a British Tennis Membership (BTM) number. It's FREE if you're a member of an LTA-affiliated club like Whitchurch.

If you haven’t got a BTM number, go on to the LTA website and sign up.

During the process, you have to enter your ‘Place To Play’ - enter Whitchurch (BUT check for the Cardiff postcode as there is more than one Whitchurch).

The LTA will then send you your unique BTM number.

Social members can join too and receive the same benefits as playing members.

A BTM number is important in 3 ways:

  • You need to have an eligible BTM number to enter the WTC Wimbledon Ticket Draw. Opt In for the 2019 British Tennis Members Wimbledon Ballot is open until 11:59pm on 22 FEBRUARY 2019.
  • The LTA records the size of affiliated clubs through the number of British Tennis Members it has. The size of a club based on BTM numbers determines how many pairs of Wimbledon tickets that club is allocated.
  • Having a BTM number is essential if you want to enter LTA tournaments or play in the LTA Team Tennis leagues as it acts as your unique reference number to distinguish you from any other player with a similar name. It's also very helpful if you're playing in the South Wales leagues for the same reason.


British Tennis Members also receive the following:

  • Entry into the BTM Wimbledon Ticket ballot (this is additional to the WTC Club Draw).
  • An LTA British Tennis Rating.
  • Discounts & pre-sales on tickets for events.
  • Offers and discounts through LTA partners.


Lawn Tennis Association - British Tennis Membership:

If you haven't registered with the LTA you can do so here: