The Clubhouse is advertising that WiFi is available. How do I get on to it?

The Clubhouse features secure WiFi which is free to members, guests and visitors. The new BT Hub can connect laptops, tablets and smartphones to the internet quickly via WiFi in one of two ways.

Direct via the BT Hub – select the club hub from your available networks, enter the password and that’s it! The hub identity and password are posted up in the Clubhouse. It’s free to connect and there’s no limit to how long you’re on. Smartphone users may find that using the hub’s WiFi is quicker than 3G, too.

Alternatively, you can connect to the BT Wifi network. There are 1000′s of BT WiFi zones all over the place these days and they’re free for BT broadband customers. The club hub acts as a BT Wifi zone, so if you’re already a BT broadband customer at home you can use your own BT log-in and your own password at no extra cost. If you’re not a BT customer with a BT log-in, the BT Wifi network will try to charge you! So it’s probably best (and cheapest) to connect direct through the club hub.

How can I get into the Clubhouse if no-one is around?

ACCESS to the Clubhouse is possible during the day and evening. If the Clubhouse is locked, members can access the Clubhouse foyer for toilets and showers by obtaining a key to the front door for a nominal cost from Development Executive Steve Osborne.

Can I book a private party at the Club?

HIRE of the Clubhouse for private functions, meetings, children’s parties etc is possible throughout the year. We have even had a marquee to house 150 people erected on Court 1 as part of our centenary celebrations in 2012, so we will try our best to meet anyone’s requirements! However we ask potential hirers to bear in mind that bookings will fit around any tennis events that have been arranged. We also take our responsibilities to our neighbours very seriously in relation to noise, parking etc. as the Club is situated in a quiet, safe residential area.

For Clubhouse Hire Enquiries contact: Jane James (House Executive) Email: janewtc@gmail.com

As a member, can I bring a guest to play at the Club?

Yes. Guests are asked to pay our Visitors fee of £3 over the bar if open, or please put payment into the Honesty Box outside the main Clubhouse door. If your guest wants to play at the Club on more than 6 occasions during the April-March year, they will be expected to join as a member. Guests are very welcome at social events – if they wish to attend regularly, they will be invited to join the Club as a Social Member.