WiFi comes to WTC

Get connected in the Clubhouse! WiFi is now available in the Club for all members, guests and visitors. The new BT Hub can connect laptops, tablets and smartphones to the internet quickly via WiFi in one of two ways.

Direct via the BT Hub – select the club hub from your available networks, enter the password and that’s it! The hub identity and password are posted up in the Clubhouse. It’s free to connect and there’s no limit to how long you’re on. Smartphone users may find that using the hub’s WiFi is quicker than 3G, too.

Alternatively, you can connect to the BT Wifi network. There are 1000′s of BT WiFi zones all over the place these days and they’re free for BT broadband customers. The club hub acts as a BT Wifi zone, so if you’re already a BT broadband customer at home you can use your own BT log-in and your own password at no extra cost. If you’re not a BT customer with a BT log-in, the BT Wifi network will try to charge you! So it’s probably best (and cheapest) to connect direct through the club hub.

Either way, you can now surf the net in the Clubhouse to your heart’s content!

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